The Quantum Theory of id

by Inquisitor

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    In its essence QTI is a metaphysical fairy-tale inspired by centuries of fight between the conceptions of determinism and indeterminism. The four pieces represent the journey of the Traveler who is both experiencing a personal drama and personalizing the crisis in the way the world is seen to be functioning.

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'The Quantum Theory of Id’ album comprises 4 three-part story-developing songs and a separate intro. In its essence QTI is a metaphysical fairy-tale inspired by centuries of fight between the conceptions of determinism and indeterminism. The four pieces represent the journey of the Traveler who is both experiencing a personal drama and personalizing the crisis in the way the world is seen to be functioning. Names of the songs match the titles of existing books and writings that correspond to certain stages of the journey. Begining with the fall of determinism in pt.I, through the labirinths of pt.II ant temptations of pt.III, the salvation is reached in the last part with acknowledging that the reasons destroying determinism do not undermine the rational mind itself.


released April 2, 2010




Inquisitor Lithuania

Inquisitor is a Lithuanian melodic avant-garde/black metal band. Having its symphonic roots back in 2oo2 nowadays Inquisitor is an entity looking for an organic junction of challenging rhythmics, harsh riffing and passionate melodic passages…

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Track Name: Infimum
Ever since the seventeenth century some of the best minds in mankind have been considerably haunted. Or to be more precise – firstly obsessed, then haunted and lastly, until recently – simply puzzled. All this being a slumber of tremendous success.

Back then, at the dawn of classical mechanics as we call it now, the foundations of the monument for our then-seemingly unlimited insight into to the way that things were and would come to be – determinism – were laid. This was the triumph of rational mind for more than two centuries.

With the revelations of both quantum mechanics and chaos theory however, the building of that knowledge seems to have been shaken to the depths if not collapsed entirely. This was all owing to the fact that our predictions came to be worth no more than gloomy guesswork.

Now imagine you are a curious soul approaching the threshold of breakdown, feeling with your whole entity the inconsistency of what you know and what you see – perhaps the dictated absence of free will above all... What if you then set out on a quest to sort things out?..
No one can be sure if it is not the whole rational idea that you are about to give up. Could it be a hypothesis for things intrinsically beyond our comprehension? Or even a gnosis of things present from beyond existence itself? No one can really tell the irrational pathways you must to take, leading up to or beyond occult voids of mimicked knowledge.

Maybe one has to. Yet maybe not.

With the greatest of probabilities within, perhaps an answer will come to hand, just beyond the wall of stained glass? Instructing you that even in knowing less you know more?

Welcome back to reality. But this voyage has had something more to it than just that, now hasn’t it?
Track Name: Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis
α breakdown

<# process:><ending-up the cycle/>
<rehash:><convert…><streming:check-sum – open-valued:pointer>
<loading…><linking:><breaking-up the FULL partition/>
<reload:><restack/><switching INTO… mapping/><fatal ERROR…>

Zeroth A
answer – asking more than giving knowledge
reasons – clear as daylight, flawy though:
pure enthusiasm, promise of perfection,
joy for power – of them most

question – what is wrong with things that happen
since they seem to disobey the [law]
law that is put in an undoubted fashion
proof – it seemed to hold but yet no more

it looks as if by now this was the feast of quiescence
it looks as if from now [on] the things stirred show themselves up

let me remind you a prophesy of a daemon
lord of past and future but you’ll only find
your daemon wrapped in chains of chances, weak and blind
his lead – a couple of moments in length from where he’s on
<running><linking:><reading list OF coming sources>
Zeroth A
time comes to give away your automated reasons
<system:failure><internal errors:qualified>
Zeroth A
stand up and prepare to greet the coming fever

β unknown

Zeroth A
slithering as a silent serpent
devious are the paths of remorse

for if you don’t give up your false dream
you’ll mean that all the clouds are clocks
Zeroth Ã
you’re a worm mutilating perfect form
go on grime the splendor of a theory divine
Zeroth A
it is not the nature who abhorred vacuum
now it’s you who abhor the unknown
you can’t sweep aside the misfit and misjudged it leads only to revolt

γ revolt

Zeroth A
beware for once kindled it comes after you!
doesn’t matter if you’re ready; it will break through
any day at any time now it will catch you up
and any preparations of yours will turn out not enough
Zeroth A
beware for once kindled it won’t let you stay!
as a hurricane on wings of iron it’ll take you away

no numbers no processes are enough
no matter the effort it will break up
Track Name: Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung
δ wayfarer

Zeroth A
there he goes, grievous and way worn
stiff his limbs sober the mind though
with no place to reach travels he on

uncertainty-driven straggles he loosely forth
abiding the told means abjuring the truth
waiting for the sunrise and face of dawn
a signpost arising from haze gone
says: the Wayfarers Inn for the Drowsy Souls

ε seeds

I’m like a ripened fruit
full of healthy seeds
I am delving deep
deep into the roots

ζ tavern

forlorn as I’ve been trudging here
under the sway of doubts and fears
dwindling the hopes I bear
a question that sever

doom imposed is just illusion
all proposals being cunning
[and] I want you not to sleep
watching widely, breathing deeply
Track Name: Corpus Hermeticum
η calling

watching the fire that is dancing wildly in front of me
does it have any score? does it feel its own throb? does it hear any melody?
like the puppets in the puppet theater the flames wiggle in the hearth
is then there any puppet master steering its swirl on someone’s behalf?

watching and wondering
if there’s a master of all the flames in this world
of ever-recurring war-tides of spawning and bloodshed
of ever-rising empires of waxing and waning and ruin

but then lo! I felt someone in the deepest corner
watching out of depth of shadows that gave him cover
all of a sudden he arose, was he either blind or seeing further
than a mortal soul. at [the very] last he spoke
as I see it is Knowledge that you seek and the Knowing I can feel it in your look
so listen now…

θ liturgy

ι torpor

I recall someone approach me that has no face no name
in the torrid plains somewhere behind driving me insane
vaporizing my consciousness away with its flame innate
have you seen the Essence? Creations and the Tools?
have you touched the Ordained? The Meaning of the Orbs?
the rules of Above and Below? The Message in the Word?
if Change is born by Time, and Time by – by Cosmos…
… you began to see!
if Cosmos – by Eternity, Eternity – by God…

don’t let illusions take you up and wrap your eyes
but up you go! for you are close enough!
Track Name: The End of Certainty; Supremum
κ helix

Zeroth A
your journey brought you back to the beginning
as we meet here again
but now you’re ready to discover you serenity
for you are close to end

look into the quietude and silence
into the crystal- clear springs in the wells
after you leave your eyes under their guidance
the answers you are seeking then it tells
then it tells

the limits make the slough of your despair
Zeroth Ã
think again, think again!
Zeroth A
it is the wrong opinion you share
Zeroth Ã
it serves the purpose
Zeroth A
it’s absent grief your bearing

λ waxworks

from being on the brink of madness
take a step back and look around
look at these bodies made of wax and silence
they are blind; they make no sound

heat them up and right here in your eyes
they will melt away like thawing ice

in that sense you are quite alike; yet
even stolid are not paralyzed

less than gods yet more than lumps of will
choosing acting or to be at a stand still

seeing yourself as from not this world
all this time [you’ve been] looking at the wrong mould

μ end

things no more fixed
certainty gone
ways are all mixed
future unknown

the triumph of your mind
to give away the certainty
accept the flow of time
cognize deterministic chaos

breaking beyond your ken
the laws giving now the probable
fixing the known again
horizons opening anew

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